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October 29, 2021

Julie Kriegh and collaborators launch studio booklet based on their work with Google

Julie Kriegh, researcher with the Carbon Leadership Forum and other CBE research centers, and owner of Kriegh Architecture Studios, collaborated with other CBE faculty and external partners to lead a UW CBE studio course in collaboration with Google that developed and delivered a design proposal for a sustainable data center. CBE collaborators included Hyun Woo “Chris” Lee, P.D. Koon Professorship in Construction Management; Jan Whittington, Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Design and Planning, and Director of the Urban Infrastructure Lab; and Noor Awad, Masters of Architecture candidate.  External faculty collaborators included Dorit Aviv of the University of Pennsylvania and Aletheia Ida of the University of Arizona. Google served as the industry sponsor and funder of the UW Data Center Design course.

The final book of work from this studio course, titled, “Launching a Sustainable Data Center for the Future”, is completed and published by the University of Washington. It includes the baseline climate study work from seven student teams in the University of Pennsylvania design course and student work from a University of Arizona seminar on materials. These baseline studies were used as points of departure for the six student design teams from CBE.

View the studio product booklet: “Launching a Sustainable Data Center for the Future”, here.