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August 9, 2022

Qing Shen awarded funding for commute research survey

The Mobility Innovation Center announced that Qing Shen, professor of Urban Design & Planning and an expert in transportation planning and policy, has received a $100,000 award to study commuting patterns and develop a model to understand the effect of telework and flexible scheduling.

The project will build off the existing Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) survey for employers who are in the CTR program as required by state law in the central city portion of Seattle. In addition, a complementary series of questions will be developed for service workers and those who have a telework/hybrid work option to gain better insights into transportation needs. This includes motivating factors for travel choices — such as how they travel, time of day, and days of the week for commuting to a jobsite.

This work is supported by Commute Seattle with funding committed by the Downtown Transportation Alliance (DTA) partners, the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA), City of Seattle DOT, King County Metro, and Sound Transit.

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