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March 26, 2024

Final day of Change Stories Residential Knowledge Exchange

On Thursday, March 21st, the Change Stories team gathered for the final day of shared learning sessions. The first session was focused on developing a theory of change for the project. Small group discussions returned to topics from previous days, including how to effectively apply the decolonial research approach that is at the core of this work together. Deconstructing the initially drafted theory of change, the group identified the importance of co-creating guiding materials for the project.

We enjoyed our last lunch together as a full group, and took a group photo on the terrace before the afternoon rain started.

Wrapping up the sessions together in the afternoon, the group was grateful to share held space together throughout the week and done productive work to further the project work in a decolonial and ethical way aligned with the shared vision of the project.

Finally, the group enjoyed a shared dinner at a local social club in the Zona G neighborhood. Many people were departing early the next morning, so this was the last chance to share stories and knowledge in person for a while. As people said their goodbyes after dinner, it was clear that strong new connections had been made, and everyone was excited to continue these relationships in the future.