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March 10, 2021

Cybersecurity in the Built Environment (Cyber-BE)

The Cyber-BE Lab integrates the latest in academic research on policy, communication, and organization with industry expertise on IoT security, risk mitigation and building operations. Cyber-BE offers a holistic understanding of IoT in the built environment. We support the organizational, communication, and policy innovations that will help minimize IoT risk through:

  • Advancing social scientific research to better understand and apply smart technology in the built environment
  • Delivering usable guidance and tools to address the policy, organizational, and communication challenges that industry practitioners face
  • Building a community of practice of IoT security practitioners and researchers

The lab leads include Laura Osburn, Senior Research Scientist at the Department of Construction Management, Jessica Beyer, Lecturer and Research Scientist at the Jackson School of International Studies, and Chuck Benson, Director of IoT Risk Mitigation Strategy at the University of Washington.