Research Portal

October 12, 2020

Energy & Sustainability in Construction (ESC) Lab

The ESC lab promotes energy efficiency and sustainability (EES) in the built environment through the development of sustainable design and construction practices and risk-based financial models for EES investments.  We aim to integrate advanced financial analysis, project development, and management strategies used during the delivery of energy-efficient buildings and sustainable infrastructures.  With this work, ESC is developing innovative solutions to complex deficiencies in current construction and financing practices that hinder society’s movement toward EES.

Financial and Management Questions that Lead to Sustainable Solutions

The ESC lab helps project stakeholders weigh the risks and rewards of EES investments through pursuing answers to some of the industry’s most pressing financial and management questions:

  • How can we categorize unique risk types in EES investments that contribute to the financial barrier?
  • How do we accurately model the risks of construction projects that involves EES?
  • What are the management tools needed that enable smart financial investment in EES?
  • What financial analysis techniques can be applied to support EES in construction projects?
  • How can the project team collectively evaluate the benefits of EES in construction projects?

Pursuing Innovative Solutions to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

The ESC lab has developed a series of analytical models and construction practices that support commercial energy retrofits and residential photovoltaics, including:

  • Energy-Related Risk Management in Integrated Project Delivery
  • Phased Investment for Energy Retrofit (PIER)
  • Energy Retrofit Loan Analysis Model (ERLAM)
  • An optimized portfolio analysis for community-based photovoltaic investment