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May 21, 2020

Washington Center for Real Estate Research

Established in 1989 through two legislative programs, the WCRER compiles real estate sale transaction data, rental market statistics, and development metrics throughout the State of Washington. From this, the WCRER also develops affordable housing metrics for the state with data published in quarterly Washington State Housing Market Reports, a twice yearly Washington State Apartment Market Report, and the Washington Housing Market Data Toolkit. The WCRER also provides bespoke data driven research, educational outreach programs, and policy guidance to professional organizations consistent with its public service mandate.

The Washington Center for Real Estate Research (WCRER) was initially established by the Board of Regents at Washington State University (WSU) to provide a bridge between academic study and research on real estate topics and the professional real estate industries. It served that mission at WSU until merging with the Runstad Center at the beginning of 2012. WCRER works with faculty to ensure their rigorous research is accessible and easily usable by industry participants, the media and the general public, regardless of their statistical sophistication. 

WCRER aims to provide credible research, value-added information, education services and project-oriented research to real estate licensees, real estate consumers, real estate service providers, institutional customers, public agencies, and communities in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest region.

The Washington Center for Real Estate Research is a key provider of real estate research and data across the State of Washington. The Center is primarily funded by the State, hence its central role in the provision of quality and robust data and market reports. Among its core activities are the Quarterly Washington State Housing Market Report and the semi-annual Apartment Market Survey for the State Department of Licensing. 

The Center is active across a range of other research projects and works closely with stakeholders both across the University of Washington with the public and private sectors.