Ahmed Abdel-Aziz

Ahmed Abdel-Aziz

Associate Professor, Construction Management

Aziz is an Associate Professor with the Department of Construction Management and Adjunct Associate Professor with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Aziz is known for his experience in the public-private partnership (PPP) alternative project delivery system; he has participated in committees, given presentations and talks, wrote book chapters, and published technical articles in leading academic journals in the USA, Canada, and the UK. Along with PPP, and with experience in construction project management, Aziz teaches project planning, scheduling, and control, Primavera and MS Project, estimating, life-cycle cost modeling for project economics, and quantitative risk analysis techniques. Aziz holds the UW honor of being a P. D. Koon Endowed Professor of Construction Management. He also works as Associate Editor for the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineers.



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