Eric Howard

Eric Howard

Impacts of urban form on travel behavior and public health, GIS applications in planning



Quistberg, D. Alex; Howard, Eric J.; Hurvitz, Philip M.; Moudon, Anne V.; Ebel, Beth E.; Rivara, Frederick P.; Saelens, Brian E. (2017). The Relationship Between Objectively Measured Walking And Risk Of Pedestrian--motor Vehicle Collision. American Journal Of Epidemiology, 185(9), 810 - 821. View Publication


Quistberg, D. Alex; Howard, Eric J.; Ebel, Beth E.; Moudon, Anne V.; Saelens, Brian E.; Hurvitz, Philip M.; Curtin, James E.; Rivara, Frederick P. (2015). Multilevel Models For Evaluating The Risk Of Pedestrian–motor Vehicle Collisions At Intersections And Mid-blocks. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 84, 99 - 111. View Publication