Himanshu Grover

Himanshu Grover

Assistant Professor, Urban Design & Planning

Himanshu Grover’s research focus is at the intersection of land use planning, community resilience, and climate change. Dr. Grover, is also the co-Director of the Institute for Hazard Mitigation and Planning at the College of Built Environments. Dr. Grover received his PhD in Urban and Regional Sciences from Texas A&M University. In his research, Dr. Grover examines inter-linkages between physical development, socio-economic concerns, and the natural environment. His research is primarily focused on planning for development of safe, equitable, and sustainable communities. Dr. Grover is broadly interested in climate change management (both mitigation and adaptation strategies), environmental and land use planning, social equity, urban infrastructure management, hazard mitigation, and community resilience. His research emphasizes place-based planning policies to balance economic, environmental and social priorities to achieve equitable development and enhance community resilience.

Dr. Grover has been a practicing planner for more than a decade and is a certified planner in India (ITPI), and in United States (AICP). He has received research funding from a number of agencies including National Science Foundation (NSF), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Dr. Grover is also a fellow of the prestigious NSF funded Enabling the Next Generation of Hazards & Disasters Researchers Fellowship Program (Round 4). Dr. Grover teaches courses in Research Methods, Comprehensive Planning, Land use and Infrastructure Management, Introduction to Emergency Management, and Introduction to Urban Planning. His recent research projects focus on pro-environmental decision-making, and adaptive planning for urban resilience. Dr. Grover also interested in issues related to social vulnerability, and environmental justice. More details about his ongoing research are available on his homepage.



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