Lamis Ashour

Lamis Ashour

Research interests: Smart cities and transportation systems, Digital transformation, Travel behavior, and Sustainable development



Cai, M., Shen, Q., Wang, Y., Brown, M., Ban, X., & Ashour, L. A. (2024). Examining commute mode choice of essential workers before and during the COVID-19 pandemic – A case study of the University of Washington. Case Studies on Transport Policy, 15, 101129-. View Publication

Ashour, L. A., Shen, Q., Moudon, A., Cai, M., Wang, Y., & Brown, M. (2024). Post-pandemic transit commute: Lessons from focus group discussions on the experience of essential workers during COVID-19. Journal of Transport Geography, 116. View Publication Abstract Keywords View Publication


Wang, Yiyuan; Shen, Qing; Abu Ashour, Lamis; Dannenberg, Andrew L. (2022). Ensuring Equitable Transportation For The Disadvantaged: Paratransit Usage By Persons With Disabilities During The Covid-19 Pandemic. Transportation Research Part A: Policy & Practice, 159, 84 - 95. View Publication


Abu Ashour, Lamis; Dannenberg, Andrew L.; Shen, Qing; Fang, Xun; Wang, Yiyuan. (2021). Paratransit Services For People With Disabilities In The Seattle Region During The Covid-19 Pandemic: Lessons For Recovery Planning. Journal Of Transport & Health, 22. View Publication