Lucky Pratama

Lucky Pratama

I am interested in research related to emerging technology in the AEC industry, and looking for opportunities to conduct experiment-based research whenever possible, particularly research related to virtual construction or construction safety. I have additional interests in public-private partnerships, lean construction, and project delivery.



Habibnezhad, M.(1); Puckett, J.(1); Fardhosseini, M.s.(2); Pratama, L.a.(2). (2019). A Mixed Vr And Physical Framework To Evaluate Impacts Of Virtual Legs And Elevated Narrow Working Space On Construction Workers Gait Pattern [arxiv]. Arxiv, 7 pp. View Publication

Habibnezhad, M.(1); Puckett, J.(1); Fardhosseini, M.s.(2); Jebelli, H.(3); Stentz, T.(1); Pratama, L.a.(1). (2019). Experiencing Extreme Height For The First Time: The Influence Of Height, Self-judgment Of Fear And A Moving Structural Beam On The Heart Rate And Postural Sway During The Quiet Stance [arxiv]. Arxiv, 9 pp. View Publication