Rebecca J. Walter

Rebecca J. Walter

Windermere Endowed Chair and Associate Professor, Runstad Department of Real Estate

Rebecca J. Walter is an Associate Professor and Windermere Endowed Chair in the Runstad Department of Real Estate in the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington. Dr. Walter’s research is focused on policy innovation in low-income housing. She emphasizes a spatial analytical approach to examine how housing policies either expand opportunity or perpetuate inequality for low-income households. Most of her work is applied as it involves direct engagement with public housing authorities and non-profit housing providers. Dr. Walter also collaborates with criminologists to study spatial-temporal crime patterns across various types of land uses, housing developments, and commercial real estate. She examines real estate and urban planning variables (e.g., private investment, community and economic development initiatives, vacant lots, business activity) and changes in crime over time at the micro-scale (properties and street segments) to help inform policies that support the greatest crime reduction benefits.



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