Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen

Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen

Assistant Professor, Urban Design and Planning

UW Department of Urban Design and Planning in the College of Built Environments.



Tzu-Hsin Karen Chen, Mark E. Kincey, Nick J. Rosser, Karen C. Seto, Identifying recurrent and persistent landslides using satellite imagery and deep learning: A 30-year analysis of the Himalaya, Science of The Total Environment, Volume 922, 2024, 171161, ISSN 0048-9697, View Publication Abstract Keywords View Publication


Chen, T.-H. K., Pandey, B., & Seto, K. C. (2023). Detecting subpixel human settlements in mountains using deep learning: A case of the Hindu Kush Himalaya 1990–2020. Remote Sensing of Environment, 294, 113625–. View Publication

Chen, T.-H. K., Horsdal, H. T., Samuelsson, K., Closter, A. M., Davies, M., Barthel, S., Pedersen, C. B., Prishchepov, A. V., & Sabel, C. E. (2023). Higher depression risks in medium- than in high-density urban form across Denmark. Science Advances, 9(21), eadf3760–eadf3760. View Publication