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May 15, 2019

Equitable Futures

Growing out of Berney’s academic and professional expertise in equitable community design and development, this long-term project has two components: visualizing equity and place-keeping practices. She uses visualization (drawing, mapping, info design) in her investigations as an analytical practice and mode of critical inquiry, and as a representational practice and mode of communication within the broader public realm, thus engaging in public scholarship as an important venue of knowledge dissemination. Place keeping is about helping communities and people staying in place in response to natural disaster, gentrification, or climate change. This project encompasses new and emerging topics in urban design.

They are developing an interactive web tool that allows stakeholders to examine problems and solutions around equity in cities. Through this project, they promote data and city visualizations, stakeholder interaction and analysis, and predictive modeling for analyzing neighborhood change in response to gentrification and so forth.