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October 12, 2020

Washington State Housing Market Report

Washington State’s Housing Market is a publication of the Washington Center for Real Estate Research (WCRER) at the University of Washington.

At least quarterly, WCRER receives data on single-family home sales from each multiple listing service located in, or providing market coverage to, Washington communities. In 2012, data on nearly 69,000 home transactions were received and processed.

Estimated total sales value of single-family homes in each county is compiled using a scale factor to transform the MLS sales to market totals. This scaling is required since a significant number of transactions are always completed as “for sale by owner” or are assisted by real estate licensees who do not participate in a MLS. Scale factors were developed by analyzing the relationship between MLS sales and measures of total single-family sales derived from the 2010 American Community Survey and data from individual county assessors. Data in this report represents closed sales transactions.