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January 18, 2024

Allocating Safety Cost using in Construction Site

Kim, S., & Kim, Y. (2023). Allocating Safety Cost using in Construction Site. Tehnički Glasnik, 17(4), 594–597.

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Environments, Health, and Safety (EHS) activities are strongly linked to the concept of sustainability in the current construction industry and consequently absorb more financial and managerial attention. One of major obstacles in EHS costing is that most EHS costs are buried in general overhead costs. Therefore, EHS costs lacks transparency, making it hard to allocate EHS costs to relevant construction projects. This paper present a recent study in which a method of activity-based costing (ABC) has been applied to safety costs at a contractor's home office. The list of safety activities, their cost drivers as well as their cost information on one of Korean general contractor is provided. The authors expect that the application of ABC will improve transparency in costing EHS costs as well as allocating EHS costs to projects.


budget; safety accident; safety management; safety law