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June 29, 2023

Applicability of Smart Construction Technology: Prioritization and Future Research Directions

Ahn, H., Lee, C., Kim, M., Kim, T., Lee, D., Kwon, W., & Cho, H. (2023). Applicability of smart construction technology: Prioritization and future research directions. Automation in Construction., 153.

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The potential for facilitating faster, safer, and more sustainable construction processes through the adoption of smart construction technologies is widely recognized. However, the limited adoption of these technologies in construction projects highlights the significance of identifying the technological needs of major stakeholders and the prioritization of research and development investment. In this study, the quality function deployment technique is employed to extract and prioritize the required technologies (RTs) from various stakeholders, while a thematic literature review is conducted to identify challenges and future research directions. The findings improve the efficiency of resource allocation, allowing policymakers to strategically address pressing issues. This can facilitate collaboration and communication among researchers, stakeholders, and the wider community, fostering a shared vision and understanding of future research goals and outcome. Prioritizing smart construction technologies can enhance their applicability. The top nine of technologies were prioritized by using quality function deployment. Thematic review was conducted for each of the top nine technologies. The challenges and future research directions were presented by review.


Fourth industrial revolution (4IR); Prioritization; Quality function deployment (QFD); Smart construction technologies; Technology innovation