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October 26, 2023

Research Methods in Daylighting and Electric Lighting

Inanici, M. (2021). Research Methods in Daylighting and Electric Lighting. In: Azari, R., Rashed-Ali, H. (eds) Research Methods in Building Science and Technology. Springer, Cham.

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Research in daylighting and electric lighting focuses on the physical quantity of light, physiological response to the physical stimuli, and the resulting visual perception. This chapter starts with an overview of the measurement and simulation-based research approaches used in understanding and quantifying the lighting availability and variability in the luminous environment. Field and laboratory measurements are discussed along with computational techniques. The rest of the chapter focuses on psychophysical research methods that aim to quantify the human physiological and psychological responses to the quantity and distribution of light.


Daylighting; Electric lighting; Visual comfort; Visual performance; Visual perception; Energy efficiency; Circadian lighting