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July 1, 2022

Efficiency Index for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Lining at Ultimate Limit State

Fantilli, Alessandro P.; Nemati, Kamran M.; Chiaia, Bernardino. (2016). Efficiency Index for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Lining at Ultimate Limit State. Sustainable And Resilient Infrastructure, 1(1-2), 84 – 91.

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The fiber contribution to the ultimate limit state capacity of precast and cast-in situ tunnel linings is analytically investigated. By means of a numerical model, capable of computing the interaction curves of reinforced concrete cross sections subjected to combined compressive and bending actions, the mechanical performances of plain and fiber-reinforced concrete are compared. As a result, a new index is introduced to quantify the effectiveness of fiber addition. The higher the efficiency index, the higher the amount of steel reinforcing bar that can be removed from a plain concrete cross section. The application to real concrete linings, where shear resistance is ensured without shear reinforcement, shows that a large volume of rebar can be saved by the presence of steel fibers. This gives significant advantages in terms of durability and rapidity of tunnel construction.


Fiber-reinforced Concrete; Efficiency Index; Ultimate Limit State; Cast-in Situ Concrete Lining; Precast Tunnel Segments