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July 1, 2022

Glareshade: A Visual Comfort-Based Approach to Occupant-Centric Shading Systems

Hashemloo, Alireza; Inanici, Mehlika; Meek, Christopher. (2016). Glareshade: A Visual Comfort-Based Approach to Occupant-Centric Shading Systems. Journal Of Building Performance Simulation, 9(4), 351 – 365.

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This paper presents a novel method for designing of an occupant-centric shading algorithm that utilizes visual comfort metric as the form-generating criteria. Based on the premise of previous studies that demonstrate glare as the most important factor for operating shading devices, GlareShade is introduced as a simulation-based shading methodology driven by occupant's visual comfort. GlareShade not only responds to changing outdoor conditions such as the movement of the sun and the variation of cloud cover, but it also accounts for building specific local conditions. GlareShade draws its strength and flexibility from an occupant-centric approach that is based on the visual field of view of each occupant as the occupant is performing common visual tasks in a given environment, and the developed shading system is linked to a distributed sensing network of multiple occupants. ShadeFan is demonstrated as a proof-of-concept dynamic shading system utilizing the GlareShade method.


Control Strategies; Design Tool; Daylight; Patterns; Offices; Blinds; Model; Occupant-centric Shading System; Glare; Daylighting; Visual Comfort