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July 1, 2022

The Urban University’s Hybrid Campus

Way, Thaisa. (2016). The Urban University’s Hybrid Campus. Journal Of Landscape Architecture, 11(1), 42 – 55.

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With the growth of urban campuses in the twenty-first century, how can landscape architecture foster the innovation associated with cities and urban neighbourhoods? In Seattle, West Campus at the University of Washington serves as a good urban neighbour while engaging the traditional experiences of a campus. Additionally, the design suggests how an urban campus might generate the culture of an urban innovation district. The contribution of landscapes to innovation districts has rarely been considered in campus design because the focus has been on the architecture of the buildings and the culture of collaboration as social phenomena. This paper explores how the public landscapes of parks, courtyards, and streets shape the experience of an innovation district and contribute to fostering creativity and serendipity. As an extension, the paper suggests the importance of universities in the creation and stewardship of vibrant, creative, and resilient cities.


City Planning; Innovation District; Student Residential Planning; University Landscape Design; Urban Campus