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July 1, 2022

Metric-Based BIM Implementation Assessment: A Review of Research and Practice

Abdirad, Hamid. (2017). Metric-Based BIM Implementation Assessment: A Review of Research and Practice. Architectural Engineering And Design Management, 13(1), 52 – 78.

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Building information modeling (BIM) is one of the most significant developments in the construction industry, as it introduces new technologies, processes, and interactions into practice. Prior research shows that there is an increasing interest among practitioners and academics to assess maturity, productivity, and performance of BIM implementation. This suggests that as BIM adoption grows, the need for BIM implementation assessment arises to facilitate monitoring, measuring, and improving BIM practices. However, so far, no single study has comprehensively reviewed and reported the existing approaches, metrics, and criteria used for assessing BIM practices. This study aims to review and analyze the literature and synthesize existing knowledge relevant to the topic. The author develops a thematic framework of BIM aspects, BIM goals, and performance evaluation trends to define grounds for assessing BIM implementation. Based on the framework, this research analyzed a total number of 97 references (selected out of 322 studies) to identify, extract, and classify metrics/criteria used for assessing BIM implementation. This study has practical implications for developing future BIM maturity models and BIM assessment tools as it synthesizes the existing developments on this topic, highlights gaps and limitations in metric-based BIM assessment, and provides recommendations for further research and developments.


Computer Software; Building Information Modeling; Software Measurement; Performance Evaluation; Bim Assessment; Bim Implementation; Criteria; Metrics; Performance; Buildings (structures); Engineering Information Systems; Structural Engineering Computing; Metric-based Bim Implementation Assessment; Construction Industry; Productivity; Building Information Model; As-built Bim; Laser Scans; Life-cycle; Construction; Design; Project; Objects; Impact