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July 1, 2022

Work Zone Intrusion: Technology To Reduce Injuries & Fatalities

Nnaji, Chukwuma; Gambatese, John; Lee, Hyun Woo. (2018). Work Zone Intrusion: Technology to Reduce Injuries & Fatalities. Professional Safety, 63(4), 36 – 41.

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WZIAT was first introduced to work zones in 1995 following a Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP)-sponsored study (Agent & Hibbs, 1996). Since the SHRP program, several WZIATs have been developed, evaluated by departments of transportation (DOTs) and implemented in work zones on many highway projects. [...]the researchers investigated the potential usefulness of WZIATs on reported fatal work zone intrusion cases. [...]the researchers identified and evaluated work zone fatality cases captured in the NIOSH Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) program to determine whether WZIATs could have prevented the reported fatalities. [...]construction and maintenance workers are provided additional reaction time if an intrusion occurs before the activity zone.


Research; Fatalities; Highway Construction; Injury Prevention; Traffic Accidents & Safety; Automobile Safety; Roads & Highways; Transportation Planning; Electronic Mail Systems; Researchers; Intrusion; General Contractors; Occupational Health; Vehicles; Studies; Workers; Employees; Construction Industry; Traffic Control; United States--us; Canada; Kansas; Oregon