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July 1, 2022

Identification and Reduction of Synchronous Replacements in Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Equipment

Kim, Jonghyeob; Han, Sangwon; Hyun, Chang-taek. (2019). Identification and Reduction of Synchronous Replacements in Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Equipment. Journal Of Management In Engineering, 35(1).

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Life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is a methodology used to calculate the total cost of a project from initial planning to final disposal. In conventional approaches, LCCA assumes that regular and preventive maintenance will be performed according to each replacement cycle for individual components, and replacement for each component is considered independently. However, because the components of equipment used in buildings are installed systemically, replacements of major components may cause unexpected replacements of dependent minor components. Therefore, it is necessary to identify additional replacements based on the associations among these related replacement components to achieve a more reliable LCCA. In response, this study proposes an LCCA model that comprehensively considers the relationships among the maintenance components. The development of the model involves identifying relationships among components using social network analysis (SNA), arranging individual replacement timings of the components that reflect these relationships, and analyzing the life-cycle cost (LCC) based on the arranged timing. To validate the model, its applicability and effectiveness was illustrated and tested using 19 components of a rainwater reuse system. This study makes a theoretical contribution to the body of knowledge by suggesting concepts of synchronous relationships and replacements based on SNA. In addition, the use of the model proposed in this study enables practitioners to analyze LCCs that reflect synchronous replacements, which allows more reasonable decision-making considering hidden costs in conventional LCC. (C) 2018 American Society of Civil Engineers.


Decision Making; Life Cycle Costing; Preventive Maintenance; Synchronous Replacements; Life-cycle Cost Analysis; Lcca Model; Maintenance Components; Social Network Analysis; Painted Surfaces; Decision-making; Prediction; Model; Risk; Maintenance; Replacement; Synchronous Replacement; Synchronous Relationship; Life-cycle Cost Analysis (lcca); Social Network Analysis (sna)