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July 1, 2022

Dynamic Modal Accessibility Gap: Measurement and Application Using Travel Routes Data.

Guan, Jinping; Zhang, Kai; Shen, Qing; He, Ying. (2020). Dynamic Modal Accessibility Gap: Measurement and Application Using Travel Routes Data. Transportation Research: Part D, 81.

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Accessibility is a key concept in transportation research and an important indicator of people's quality of life. With the development of big data analytics, dynamic accessibility that captures the temporal variations of accessibility becomes an important research focus. Few prior studies focus on comparative measures of dynamic accessibility to Points of Interest (POIs) by alternative travel modes. To fill this research gap, we propose a new index called dynamic modal accessibility gap (DMAG), which draws upon available data on residents' real travel routes using different travel modes, as well as the data on POIs. We study the DMAG in the real-travel covered area, assuming POIs are only useful if it is within someone's real-travel covered area. We then apply this DMAG methodology to Shanghai's central city and peripheral area. In both cases, we measure the accessibility for public and private travel modes. As an example, one-week taxi GPS and metro smart card data, and POIs data are used to generate the DMAG index for 30-minute and 60-minute trip durations for weekdays and holidays. Results show that DMAG can reflect the pattern of temporal variations. The proposed DMAG analytical framework, which can be applied at both the user and the system levels, can support urban and transportation planning, and promote social equity and livability.


Air Travel; Choice Of Transportation; Urban Transportation; Transportation Planning; Urban Planning; Smart Cards; Inner Cities; Route Choice; Shanghai (china); Dynamic Accessibility; Modal Accessibility Gap (mag); Points Of Interest (pois); Public And Private Travel Modes; Temporal Variations; Scale Residential Areas; Transport; Time; Dimensions; Employment; Indicator; Choice; Boston; Car