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January 3, 2024

Voices of Precarity in Taipei

Chu, A-Yong and Jeffrey Hou. 2023. Voices of Precarity in Taipei. Topos, 125: 78-84.

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This issue marks 125 issues of topos, the unique magazine for landscape architecture and urban planning. 1 2 5 issues of topos magazine. But: We do not want to use this anniversary to celebrate ourselves. Instead, we want to use this anniversary to focus on an urban issue that is so brutal that almost everyone would rather look the other way than take action: poverty. We want to use this issue of topos magazine to celebrate, in conversation with planners, city leaders and entrepreneurs, those people and projects, that work every day to create a more equitable metropolis of the future that provides warmth, food and shelter for everyone. So this is what’s #125 about. Celebrate with us what truly matters in the city of tomorrow.