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December 4, 2023

3. Questioning “Best” Practices in Architectural Education

Cheng, R. (2023). 3. Questioning “Best” Practices in Architectural Education. In Kim, J. (Ed.), Interdisciplinary Design Thinking in Architecture Education. Routledge. ISBN 9781032283241.

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This book explores the creative potential for architecture curricula to integrate solid interdisciplinary thinking in design studio education.

Annotated case studies, both from academic institutions and from professional practices, provide examples of interdisciplinary engagement in creative design work, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of this approach. Cases are from a diverse selection of international collaborators, featuring projects from the United States, Australia, Mexico, Germany, and Italy, and cover a range of project types and scales. Chapters by invited experts offer speculations on current and future models, situating examples within the broader context, and encouraging dialogue between practice and pedagogy. The collection of voices in this book offers critical and provocative lenses, learning from history while forging inventive and creative roles for the architect as practitioner, entrepreneur, strategist, choreographer, activist, facilitator, leader, and teacher.

Interdisciplinary Design Thinking provides insights into the potential of interdisciplinary engagement at the level of foundational undergraduate education, making it ideal for faculty in architecture schools. It will also be of interest to design professionals concerned with interdisciplinary collaboration and how to incorporate similar efforts in their own practices.