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July 1, 2022

Advancing Impact of Education, Training, and Professional Experience on Integrated Project Delivery

Hyun Woo Lee; Anderson, S.M.; Yong-Woo Kim; Ballard, G.. (2014). Advancing Impact of Education, Training, and Professional Experience on Integrated Project Delivery. Practice Periodical On Structural Design And Construction, 19(1), 8 – 14.

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With the increased interest in applying integrated forms of project delivery to complex and uncertain construction projects, the building industry has been experiencing an increased demand for integrated project delivery (IPD). With the trend, many empirical studies have examined the collaborative characteristics of IPD and reported that participants must make the necessary transition for its contractual, technological, and cultural requirements. However, little study has been done to investigate relevant education, training, or professional experience that can support the transition. In response, this study used an online survey that was designed to investigate the level and type of education, training, and professional experience of project members and their corresponding level of background knowledge for each IPD requirement. The key survey findings include (1) project members have the highest level of background knowledge on the cultural requirements of IPD, but the lowest level on the technological requirements; (2) the group with more design-build experience has more background knowledge; (3) the group that received an IPD kick-off training has more background knowledge; and (4) having a lean construction class can prepare students for the IPD environment. It is expected that the survey findings will advance the education, training, and levels of background knowledge of IPD participants, which will enhance their IPD experience accordingly.


Buildings (structures); Construction Industry; Contracts; Cultural Aspects; Industrial Training; Professional Aspects; Project Management; Construction Project; Building Industry; Integrated Project Delivery; Ipd; Contractual Requirement; Cultural Requirement; Professional Experience; Design-build Experience; Training Impact; Education Impact