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July 1, 2022

Stakeholder Management in Long-Term Complex Megaconstruction Projects: The Saemangeum Project

Park, Hyoungbae; Kim, Kyeongseok; Kim, Yong-woo; Kim, Hyoungkwan. (2017). Stakeholder Management in Long-Term Complex Megaconstruction Projects: The Saemangeum Project. Journal Of Management In Engineering, 33(4).

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This paper identifies 31 critical success factors (CSFs) and suggests a framework for effective stakeholder management in long-term complex megaconstruction (LCM) projects that require more than 10 years for multipurpose development. The results of a survey on the prioritization of these 31 CSFs reveal that LCM projects involve more stakeholders than do general construction projects and require a correspondingly wider range of changes during each project. To identify more systematic and strategic approaches to stakeholder management in LCM projects, a framework was developed through factor analysis and focus-group interviews with project management experts. The framework is composed of the following five agendas: clear understanding of stakeholders, clear definition of the project, effective communication, responding to environmental changes, and social cooperation. The analysis results show that LCM projects require a stronger emphasis on responding to environmental changes and social cooperation. These results, along with the CSF priorities, reveal the necessity of taking customized approaches to LCM projects. The results of this analysis are expected to help LCM project managers effectively manage stakeholders. (C) 2017 American Society of Civil Engineers.


Construction; Environmental Management; Project Management; Strategic Planning; Social Cooperation; Environmental Changes; Strategic Approaches; Construction Projects; Saemangeum Project; Long-term Complex Megaconstruction Projects; Stakeholder Management; Critical Success Factors (csfs); Long-term Complex Megaconstruction (lcm) Projects